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Almost Daily WTF Of The Day Triple Feature: WTF Are They Singing?

Today, I decided I would get some people that were singing song, 2 of which are from anime, and post them on here. Enjoy the WTFness of trying to figure out just what the hell they are singing. There is one thing I have learned over the years while watching anime and that is this, don’t sing a song in Japanese unless you know it, or know how they pronounce certain things. Even after all the songs I have heard, there is only one I can sing somewhat, and that is Ichirin no Hana.

First up is a Naruto fan from Mexico or Spain, not sure.

Next up is this girl singing Naraku no Hana from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai. Rika already has a hard life, and this girl doesn’t help to make it easier. This girl has a profile on youtube, here is the link. Note that she spelled opening as opining.

For the rest, click the link below.

Now, this woman tries to sing a song by Mariah Carey. She says it’s Ken Lee, but I can’t find Ken Lee in anywhere but a phonebook.


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