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New Stem Cell Hack Makes Boobs Bigger Naturally

kirikaandkomoeho9Ok, maybe not that big, but still, they get bigger than what they originally were.

Professor Kefah Mokbel says he is excited for this treatment, but doesn’t state why. Using our imaginations, we can figure out that he is excited because he like huge boobs. Maybe he wants to start a boob army and take over the world.

Though, I doubt many people wil be doing this any time soon. At the moment, he is only doign 10 patients in May, and it cost £6,500 just for the procedure. I guess not having hard boobs is worth it though.

This is my quick description of how the thing works. They take this jelly called stem cells and mix it with some fat from your stomach. Afterwards, they inject this mess into your boobies and wait a couple months. After a certain amount of time, they will be bigger by up to 1 cup size.

He hopes that one day he can make them even bigger, so we may one day see boobs that are than a full grown mans head. I guess they can be used for pillows and cushions in a car accident.

I myself don’t thing huge ones would do any good. If it ends up like that picture at the top of the post, people will be falling over because of them.



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