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FUNimation Channel To Add Viz Anime To Lineup

key_art_viz_mediaAccording to a press release from FUNi earlier today, Viz will be having some of their shows appearing on FUNi’s channel later this year. Of course, I don’t get FUNi’s channel in my area, so I really have no reason to care. But for the people who do, here is a quote from the press release since I don’t want to type every thing.

The FUNimation® Channel, the premiere anime network from FUNimation Entertainment and OlympuSAT, is adding five new animated series from VIZ Media, LLC to debut throughout late Spring and summer line-ups. Titles include “NANA”, “HONEY AND CLOVER”, “MONSTER”, “BUSO RENKIN” and “HUNTER X HUNTER.”

Now all of you need to make FUNi happy so they can bring it to me one day.



4 Responses

  1. How many people here have called their television service provider about requesting the FUNimation Channel because if they do not know there is a demand for it, they will not provide the channel?

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