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Are We Done?

anime_workYes, we are, and I am so happy about it right now. Hopefully next year will be the last time we have to do this. I’m tired, hungry, and bored because I haven’t bee nable to play Valkyria Chronicles for a couple days.

The first part of the day was fun since I able to cook and stuff. But then hell happened in real life. Of course nothing was finished for the PLTW presentation, well, my Elevator and Hillary’s crane was, but everything else was last minute. 80° F in that auditorium and running back and forth didn’t help. I didn’t get to have much water until right before it and after. Even those little bits were small. So getting home was fantastic.

Sadly, I have to go back to school for 2 more days, then I will have a long awaited spring break. Durring that break, my true Otaku nature will shine brightly. Anime and game marathons throughout those 11 days.

Well, I am tired and need a shower, I will post some stuff tomorrow. Also, it’s good I put Almost Daily in the WTF of the day post. Since I think I have missed 2 days now. You know what, I wil find something right now. You can watch these cats.


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  1. Sorry I missed this one yesterday , way too cute.. Love ya

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