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FUNimation Bringing Linebarrels of Iron and Strike Witches To US

1093656bc77cy0With the recent strategic alliance between Gonzo and FUNi, 2 more licenses have happened. Linebarrels of Iro and Strike Witches are both set to be released here in the US sometime in the future.

Strike Witches was released here last year through digital download from BOST on Crunchyroll, so some may already be familiar with it. But for those who don’t know, here is a quick and dirty description of it: There is an alien invading eartyh that only certain girls can kill. These girls are witches and are characterized by cat ears. To further their combat abilities, scientist made the equivalent to a magic broom. These flying devices attach to their legs and look like propellors, and then the girls fight.

I don’t think that description is very accurate since i have only seen the first episode, but it should be enough for right now.

Linbarrels of Iron is about this teenage boy that pilots a mech to fight some medical corporation. The mech appeared for some reason after he had an accident and got these powers.

Yeah, it sounds like they copied parts of Evangelion, Eureka 7, and FLCL. But, who knows, it may be good.

Right now, it seems like FUNimation is basically going to license all Gonzo titles in the future, which is fine by me as long as Gonzo continues making good anime.



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  1. I describe it as World War 2 redone as a magical girl show. Instead of abbreviated school uniforms they wear abbreviated military uniforms, instead of costume jewelry they use heavy machineguns and thigh high boots that look like fighter plane fuselage. Monsters of the week look like secret weapons of the Luftwaffe made out of black honeycomb. And all women of less than middle age run around in a bare leg look. Despite the almost non stop blatant fanservice it was actually a pretty good show.

    • I plan to buy it when it comes out. There is a lot of anime I plan to buy this year, so it’s a good thing I start my senior year soon. That will be easy since most of the classes I am taking are just random things like food. No homework=more anime watching.

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