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0f6ac1a4095f206db26761b1d027c3e91238552001_fullYes, the sky is blue, but is it at maximum blue? We may never, so I want you to tell me what you think. Explain how we can reach maximum blue sky.

Now that you have your mission, you may want to know that my English 3 “teacher” proved more about how stupid she is by picking favorites and not teaching. WTF is transcendentalism anyways? The answer would have helped with our project, but she never told us. We looked it up and saw it meant beyond normal, so we went and made an extreme society. Well, she thought we were making fun of her. Dumb bitch needs to learn before she thinks she is a genius. Needless to say, ours made her angry, but another one that someone made where a baseball player from South Lenoir High School was their God was alright. Of course, that was done by students whos parents work for the school, so they were guaranteed to have a 100. I don’t know what we made, but it was the most creative out of all the projects, so I think we deserve at least an 85. Oh well, if she fails us, we just bring it to the office and tell them about how she “teaches.”

Other than that, I finished Strait Jacket since i fell asleep watching it last night. It was good, but the story would have been much better if Strait Jacket was a series instead of 1 movie. They left so many details for you to figure out your self about everyones past that those alone could have been a movie.

Well, I am going to watch TV now.


2 Responses

  1. I do not think it is at maximum blue. But can there ever be a maximum blue? I think not unless you are a god and make a maximum blue but wait then another god comes up and makes your maximum blue even bluer so it can never be maximum blue. i agree she is a bitch even tho ive never talked to her

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