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da5f96299f3b091f6298b9cd39395aaf1234413578_fullWTF is corm anyways? Is it a new type of corn or is it some alien thing? This loli seems to enjoy it, so it must be safe to eat, but she also looks high, so I may be wrong. If you can come up with what corm is, please tell me. Pictures would be even better.

Now for the day of Saturday, it was fun. Me and my friends hung out at my house, we play Guitar Hero and Mario Party. Then they left me all alone. But, it’s not like they live that far anyways.

I am starting to play Crysis online again. Call of Duty 4 was starting ot get boring to me. So if anyone wants to play Crysis Wars online with me, add Kamanashi to your friends and I might be able to play. Though, I probably wont be on all the time this week since i will be spending most of my time starting tomorrow playing Valkyria Chronicles and StarOcean: THe Last Hope.

Though, they aren’t as good as the thought that I might be able ot see more Haruhi soon. I have been waiting for a long time now and it is well overdue in my opinion.

Well, I am going to do stuff until I am tired now, I will not see most of you tomorrow since I will not be leaving my house.


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