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Sweden Going Out To Get Taxes From Online Strippers


Most men probably like strippers, but they hate having to pay out of their own pockets to see them. Well, in Sweden, they are paying their government employees to go and watch online strippers to assess the tax value of their services.

Some 200 strippers have been figured out, and some are said to require to give the governement nearly half their earning for taxes.

I don’t see this going on for too long since it wouldn’t e to hard to get around it probably, but this is pretty retarded. If they wanted to tax them, they should have done it when online stripping first started.

To me this seems more liek a way to look at naked women and get payed for it, so I see many people wanting a job with them once this becomes more well known.

Next the might as well tax game characters for the amount of money you make in Fable or GTA.



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