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Divorced Couple Argues Over Who Gets Frozen Dog Sperm

bull_mastiff_94106This poor judge had to deal with 2 retards. The couple got divorced in 2002 and agreed that one would take 4 of the dogs (bull mastiff) and the other would take 2. 7 years later, they are arguing over who gets their frozen sperm.

Now how does this even warrent a court case? I don’t know, and will probably never know, but it makes for good news on a newsless easter.

The sad things is that they can easily get more of the sperm since the dogs are still alive. But, I guess that would be too easy.



6 Responses

  1. In this case they obviously have to check if they aren’t mentally sick. If they aren’t they should investigate the sperm and find out why they want it so bad. If there is nothing suspicious about the sperm then they just have to test them out again lol

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