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Small Tree Found Growing In Man’s lung

979_400x300Do you have chest pains all the time? If so, go too your doctor now and see if this is why. A 28-yearold man had been having pains in his lungs and was coughing up blood. He goes to the hospital and they do an x-ray. Assuming the mass is a tumor, they biopsy his lung. All that sounds normal, but whats too come is the weird part.

Upon excising the mass, they find some green needles in the mass and later find out it is a small fir tree. Apparently, the man accidently inhaled a bud and it grew enough to cause pain from poking.

The 5cm branch thing was removed from the body and when the man awoke, the doctors told him he had no disease.

“It was the needles poking the capillaries. It really hurt a lot. But I never felt like I had an alien object inside of me.” said the 28-year old.

After all was done, the piece of lung with the fir was preserved for further study because apparently it’s not obvious enough that there is a tree there.



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