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Algerian Man Sprays Turd Pee Juice Stuff On Food And Books


Yesterday, an unemployed chemist decided he would have fun by spraying that stuff on food and on childrens books. Many of the stores he hit had reports of horrible smells and customers getting rashes. They later found out it was him based off of security footage they had.

By hiding the sprayer in a laptop bag, he was essentially able to go without being caught. Until he forgot about cameras.

He was sentenced to 9 years in prison, and they have started the deportation process to get this crazy guy out. This was such a risk to public health that he deserves to be bathed in the stuff he made. He could have caused peopel to die.

Oh well, we can’t stop everyone that is insane. At least he didn’t make Jenkem so he could get high.



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  1. Are those subs real? I never thought there’s a hentai scat anime ;|

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