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Hetalia Anime Getting A Second Season

aph___viva_hetalia_by_dreamertakako1The gag anime making fun of 20 different personified during different periods in history is back with a 26-episode season. Like the first, it will play online and on cell phones, so I am assuming there will be no TV showing, especially since each episode is 5-minutes.

I never saw or read Hetalia before, but it sounds interesting. Maybe I will watch the first season now.



4 Responses

  1. go watch it right now. And Hayate no Gotoku if you haven’t seen it yet, since you said that you haven’t. You don’t know what you’re missing. It’s better than whatever you are watching right now. 5-min eps and 52 eps don’t sound tasty but begin watching these two right now. One second of waiting makes one second of your life worthless.

    • I’m waiting for the DVD release of Hayate no Gotoku, so once Bandai releases t hat, I will watch it. I’m going to watch Hetalia starting tonight probably.

      • Why would you watch it off a DVD. I don’t get people who like watching stuff on dvd “_____”

        • Just the way I am. I like to give the anime companies my money so they can make more. If everyone were too get everything through fansubs, then they wouldn’t make money at all.

          Basically, I will watch it fansubbed if it isn’t licensed, but if it is, I wait for the DVD and buy it. If I watched something with fansubs and it gets licensed, I end up buying the DVD.

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