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People think they know everything…

691048f9d07400_full1And yet they know nothing at all. Take for example the horrible teacher that I have for English 3. I learned that you don’t have to teach to be a teacher, you just have to breathe, argue, and think you are a god. No matter how many objections you have, you she won’t admit she is wrong, even if you have proof you are right. Also, it’s alright for her to interrupt class to show a picture of her grandson, but if I close my eyes or lay my head down, that’s bad. Atleast I wont have her next year I guess.

Yeah, today was a wonderful day as you can see. But, atleast I only have a couple more weeks left till it is all over. I know most of the teachers i will have next year, so at least I have the assurance that my Senior teachers will be good. I really wish I could get a total reform in the way that schools are here. But, since the government that is supposed to be “for the people” doesn’t listen to anyone but the money that we are required to give them, that will never happen.

Other than that, I beat Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and I can’t wait for the sequel now, and I got 2 more copies of FarCray 2, but this time they are the European versions, so I have 3 copies of a game I never had to pay for.  Also, I will be watching Eden Of The East after I finish typing this.

Well, I am going now, I will see some of you tomorrow (or today, if you are reading this at a different time from the post.)


2 Responses

  1. I have several teachers in my time, that are the same, but because they know that when I say something, must be right they just ignore me, and I return the favor. the i was happy just reading any book I wanted and they could continue with his/her class.

  2. Higher years’ teachers are always better (in general, there are some really bad of them and some really good in lower years). Those who want to teach younger students are always like pedos, fat guys who think they are smart and old ladies like your English teacher. Those who want to teach higher years’ students mostly think of their students as persons similar to them, thus they try not to feed worthless or incorrect info (they never wanted any in their schools), don’t do stupid things like show pictures of their grandson (they better tell a good joke instead), don’t go crazy when you really do nothing bad and they aren’t that strict about their teaching, leaving only necessary things (for example they don’t give much homework that won’t increase your skill in any way). But because lower years’ teachers suck so much, kids seriously start to hate teachers. I think it’s harder to teach younger students and that’s why fags fill in those spaces. Remember Kodomo no Jikan? Daisuke would have been a good teacher and his job would have been easier if he had got like, 11th graders.

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