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The Anime Network Adding Aria, Maria Watches Over Us, and Toward the Terra

maria-watches-over-usMaria Watches Over Us and Aria on May 7, then there is Toward the Terra on May 14. 3 new things to watch, only 2 of which I want too see.

I don’t know much about Toward the Terra, so it isn’t one I am extremely interested in seeing at the moment, but I do want to watch Aria and Maria Watches Over Us. I plan on getting them on DVD soon though.

The Anime Network is a channel ran by ADV that is a VOD (Video On Demand) service. I don’t know every single provider of it, but I know DirecTV amazingly has it. You can check your local cable or satellite provider to see if you get it. Hopefully you do since it is a great service if you are an anime fan.



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