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Japan Now Has Cafes For Cats

catcafecalico2Essentially, a cat cafe is a cafe that you hang out with your choice of one of around 20 different cats. You drink stuff at the cafe and you get to play wit ha cat for 1 hour or more depending on how much you pay.

1 Hour = about ¥900 ($9)

So, why do people go here? Many of the people that go are animal lovers, but they have to work and either can’t take care of one on their own or the housing restrictions don’t allow an animal. I guess this is a good thing though since it is giving cats a home where they can be loved, which is better than some get.

Though, there are some rules you must follow. If a cat is sleeping, let it sleep. If a cat doesn’t want to be pet, don’t pet it. If it is to young to be help, it will have a scarf on it. No people below the grade of 5. Also, no external food or cat nip sources.

Japan never ceases to amaze me with ideas, that’s why I love the country. You get anime, RPGs, and now cat cafes.



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