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Kowarekake no Orgol Promo Posted

kowaYou can watch the 7-minute promo here.

Kowarekake no Orgol, or Half Broken Music Box if you want the English name, is about a musician. He constantly is trying out at auditions for different things, but fails each time. But one day, a mysterious girl starts living with him, so stuff may change for this poor man.

That’s about all I know story wise, but I know it was started as a dōjin work from Moetan artist POP. From what I have seen, POP has done a good job with the art, so I guess I can know that is good. I have high hopes for this either way.


2 Responses

  1. desearia que me pudieran decir por favor
    cuando sale el ova?

    • I’m sorry, but I may answer your question wrong since I am not fluent in spanish.

      I think you are asking how much the OVA will cost, which, at the moment, I do not know.

      If yo uare asking when it will come out, I don’t know an exact date for that either.

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