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Crunchyroll and Mushi Prod. Having A Contest For Translating Wonder Beat Scramble

edd17c1d6d120b83d7cef5903e04630e1239699563_fullDo you have the skills needed to translate an entire series that Osamu Tezuka made? If so, you can join this contest.

THe whole point is to get this show that would never be released in the US otherwise, on the internet for all to watch.

I never even heard of Wonder Beat Scramble until now, so I really no nothing about it. But, I think it would be something interesting to watch since it was one of Tezuka’s last production he oversaw. Also, the prizes are pretty cool for the grand prize winner. If I could translate more than some phrases, I would try this out. I would be fine with just the original script from Astro Boy epsiode 1. But they give you much more.

For a full list, go to the web page linked to at the top.


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