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Moribito Coming Back To Adult Swim This Summer

seirei-no-moribitoI’m sure some of you remember Adult Swims atrocious support of the anime they show. Stopping the showing of new epsiodes of Code Geass, cancelling Moribito, and showing Inuyasha 4,000 times while ignoring better things such as Eureka Seven, Fooly Cooly, and Blood+.

Well, finally everyone who wanted to finish watching Moribito on TV will soon be able to finish it. Media Blasters stated that Moribito would be coming back to Adult Swim this summer. THe first thing I wonder is that if Adult Swim might actually start supporting anime more soon. With Sci-Fi and IFC having plenty of viewers with the anime they show, I wonder if AS might realize that advertising the anime will help get more viewers.

Probably not, but I can hope. Just make sure you watch the schedule in the coming weeks to see if anything changes.



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