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Been A Long Time Hasn’t It?

righteous-angerI really am amazed I haven’t gone insane yet from school. But somehow I have survived. With only 20 more days left in this school year, I am finally getting close to summer vacation. I will be able to finish the games I have sitting on my shelf, and watch more anime.

Today was slow, big surprise isn’t it? But the best part is that still, Berg is not back. Though, I should be angry that me and Invader56 do all this stuff to keep a class running, and yet we haven’t had a real class session in there since 9th grade. If Berg is really sick, he should stop making me lose out on my education and instead just retire to make it easier for a new teacher to be hired. We can’t pay someone who isn’t here and some one who is there. Berg is already getting money from his farm and probably sick leave. Next he will be on welfare. That fat retard is getting so much of our tax dollars to be fat and get fatter so he can die.

But, I can’t do anything. Teachers say that one person change everything, but they don’t understand that the rules we have in place keep us from doing that.

Who cares anymore? I don’t, I’m sure most of you don’t, well, maybe one o two might. So I see no more reason to think about it.

Well, I am going to watch something now, probably Code Geass R2. I will be back sometime tomorrow. Bye-ni!


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