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Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Man’s Penis Bitten By A Snake While Using Bathroom

SnakeLoveHave yo uever had your penis bitten by a snake? Probably not, but the man of this story has.

In Taiwan, it is tropical, so snakes sometimes get into houses because there are so many. Even in places like Italy, this happens. Well, normally these snakes are easily dealt with and can be easily found. Except this snake, this snake was hidden inside a toilet.

The 51 year-old man ended up on the receiving end of something that was probably quite painful. While he was peeing in his toilet, he felt a sharp pain in his penis. Not knowing what was going on, he looks down to see that a snake had sunk it’s teeth into his sausage and was looking up at him. The teeth were deep in him, so he calls the hospital and is rushed there.

Luckily though, the injuries weren’t serous and the snake was not venomous, but the doctors were afraid he might get an infection. So, once he has been confirmed to have no infection, he is free to go.

Lately, a lot of people’s penises have been gitten bit off. Russians biting eachothers off over trailers, secretaries having a car accident and biting off their bosses penis durring it, and crazy people biting their own off in an ally way. Maybe the worl is going crazy for some reason, I don’t really know. Hopefully I don’t have to deal with this though.

source (Japanese text)


2 Responses

  1. Wasn’t it Polish guy biting off friend’s penis over a trailer?

    • I dont remember, I just know that some one did it too a russian guy. Though, Now that I think about it, I think you are right about the trailer one being polish.

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