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Shojo Beat’s Last Issue Will Be July Issue

ShojoBeat_Dec08_500Another loss  in the anime/manga industry. They might not be an individual company since they are part of Viz, but Shojo Beat’s cancellation is a bad thing none the less.

Today, Viz has stated that they had quit accepting subscriptions and the company that publishes it said the publication is ending in July. Currently, you can get issues of Shonen Jump to replace ant remaining months for your Shojo Beat subscription.

As for the Shojo Beat single volume manga, no one has stated if they are effected, but I think more than likely, they will be finished.

This is another bad thing cause by online manga sites that claim “fair use” and let everyone read licensed manga for free. Hopefully the US companies and Japanese companies wil find a way to fix this soon.

Subscription Page

Cancellation Page


4 Responses

  1. wtf this is the reason why i stopped reading online and started buying it (maybe i should have done this sooner). i guess after a while it’ll just be shonen jump out there.

    • I’m fine with the online sites as long as they are only hosting unlicensed manga, but most of them host all manga. Shonen Jump is good though, so even if Shojo Beat is gone I can stil lget that. Plus, there is Yen Plus, which has quite a few good series in it.

  2. bring shojo beat back!! (hope that’s possible) sign the petition

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