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Christopher Handley Pleads Guilty

393b71626669017e69f714672641254b1234520654_fullWell, the end is near forChristopher Handley, he plead guilty to having manga that depicted children (fake children that were drawn with a pencil) in sexual acts. According to Title 18, “Title 18, United States Code, Section 1466A(b)(1), which prohibits the possession of any type of visual depiction, including a drawing, cartoon, sculpture, or painting, that depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct that is obscene.” he was breaking the law.You can read the full thing about Title 18 blah blah 1466A(b)(1) here.

Based on this, tons of anime and manga out in the US right now could cause people to be arrested. Handley is possibly facing 15 years and a $250,00 fine for something that isn’t even truly illegal. Elfen Lied is illegal because a child engages in a sadistic act. Kodomo no Jikan is illegal because a girl talks about oral sex. Even When They Cry could be a target.

But with all this, why hasn’t The Lost Girls By Alan Moore been a target? It tells about 3 little girl having sex, it includes pictures, and is regularly sold on plenty of online United States based stores. It seems to me that this is almost like people targeting Japanese media instead of realizing that US media is no different. I’m sure if they used their favorite thing, the Miller Test, The Lost Girls would be counted as obscene, and thus warrant 15 years.

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Another thing is why would it matter if he was looking at the manga in his house? He wasn’t in public, so he wasn’t hurting anyone. It’s all just a bunch of bull sh*t if you ask me.

Here is an excerpt that clears up something too about Handley’s case that I found on comipress.

Christopher Handley’s circumstances were vastly different from Dwight Whorley’s when law enforcement officers followed him home from the Post Office on May 23, 2006. He had just picked up a package from Japan containing manga. A thorough search of his home turned up only more of it: some 1200 magazines, hundreds of DVDs, laser discs and videotapes, and an untold number of images on computer, but no child pornography or even images of nude minors. Handley was a collector of manga, not lolicon, and the vast majority of the manga and images he possessed contained no fantasy representations of minors at all.[18] The fact that a small amount of it represented fictional pre-pubescents and fantasy portrayals of sadomasochistic or violent sex, however, meant that Handley faced a sentence ranging from a minimum of 7 years and 3 months in prison to a maximum of 9 years.

Well, what do you  think? How many of you could be prosecuted for this? He didn’t even watch lolicon, it just so happened that some thing were in some of the manga he read. How is that even fair? The US might as well arrest almost all anime watcher since their ideas cover such a broad amount of stuff that even the slightest thing could get you arrested.

Well, I guess all we can hope for is that Handley can find some way to save himself since he really does not deserve this at all. Instead of focusing on this stuff, why don’t you focus on REAL pedophiles, Supreme Court?

This is making me more and more angry as I type this, so I am going to end it here. Post your thoughts in the comments section if you want too. Do you think he deserves time or not?Also, if you post something like “He deserves time because he was a pedophile,” I will delete your comment because obviously you did not read the post.



4 Responses

  1. Welcome to the land of creeping fascism. As far as I’m concerned, the people that made these moralfag laws can rot in hell with Hitler and Stalin.

    My thoughts are with Mr. Handley.

    • I just wish they would leave people alone. I can understand wanting to keep REAL child porn from people, but this was drawn. Even better was that the man never even saw most of it.

  2. I really hate this. Stupid westerners. This makes Equality Now’s rape game ban sound like a good idea. Let me get this straight – a guy was arrested for possesing something that is legally sold in US? THIS, EN, Phillipines “japan is bad and they make child porn called hentai and they enslave us to translate it” is just some recent trend, targetting the perverted Japanese media. But this is what makes it into otaku community news, do you know how many westerners “hate these stupid perverted violent chinese cartoons”? While they are perverted and have violence at least they aren’t stupid western cartoons with chibi ninjas, boogers and other shit. If I was forced to watch US cartoons for more than 2 hours I would probably commit harakiri. But hey, I don’t have to watch that sick disgusting stuff! Just like those assholes don’t have to watch Japanese anime or read manga. This is just pointless rage and pure injustice. What’s next, maybe Vatican will put people to jail for reading Da Vinci’s code or maybe students arrested for possesing legally bought math textbooks?

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