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Haruhi Season 2 Is Real, And I Have Some Screen Caps To Prove It


FINALLY! After years of constant teasing from Kadokawa, Haruhi’s new season has begun. The best part is that I have proof of it.  Real proof too, not just some schedule. Haruhi with long hair in the top, and the next too show some stuff about the Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody name.

I expect Bandai will be announcing a license for this some time in the near future, which will definately be good for me.

Also, you better be grateful she is gracing us with her presence again.


The second coming of Haruhi is amazing, isn’t it? Just look at her, You have no choice but to obey. She told me to watch her new season.


Poor Mikuru is still forced into outfits she doesn’t want to wear for anything other than impressing Kyon. Atleast thats why I always thought she kept it on.

You can find more pictures here on Sankaku

And more here on Moetron

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