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Microsoft E3 Press Conference

Ok I’m sitting here on my laptop going to write down all the cool stuff Microsoft has came out to tell us about.

I HATE G4 there making me wait twenty two minutes to just watch it.

OK it started and there’s some video playing looks like the Beatles are singing.Got some weird visuals. Still don’t know what this has to do with Microsoft. Turns out its the Beatles rock band. That’s kind of weird for rock band, normally its guitar hero that does the band only editions. Comes out 9-9-09 the same date as the complete re-mastered Beatles cd collection comes out. I’ve never really cared for rock band that much. Its like a rip off of guitar hero then guitar hero ripped them off and did it better. Oh looks like it has multiple microphone support added. I’m not sure but that would be pretty cool for people that have big karaoke families. Nothing normal people would use. I rarely use the one that came with guitar hero world tour. I think Paul McCartney just jacked off before he walked away.

Ok now on to John Shappert or what ever his last name is. Talking about how the industry is going better than the economy. Well duh that’s about all we can use right now that isn’t completely corrupted. YEY no charts and graphs about sells figures. I mean why would we need those to begin with. Everyone knows that Microsoft is so awesome. But yet I’m still being shown a chart about Xbox being able to play games, movies, and connect with my friends (very difficult to do with the haters at sudden link).

Tony Hawk is now on stage to show off his billionth game about skate boarding. Its called tony hawk ride. He is holding a fake skateboard that is some how better than the wii fit, the wii motion plus, and the whole wii its self. It looks like something I might buy. Ok i just noticed it has a port for you to plug your microphone into (if you still use a wired one). How in the hell is that suppose to work if your standing up with your six foot body jumping around like your a skate boarder. Bottom line is yeah this could be the greatest thing ever but….what’s the price of the game and the board???

Infinity ward is now on my screen. It looks kind of like a mixture of all the best games. Went from like zombies to lets shoot Mexicans and Africans in the snow underwater and in a castle. Well that’s the best things to do in a game. And its modern warfare….i think irk. I never liked military games.  The problem with it is I die. Like non stop. Not even like halo die this is like just respond and die over and over and over until finally it tells me to just give up or the game is over. Now some dude that looks like he lives in someone’s basement is demoing the game for everyone to see. Its very slow like come one get to the killing part. In halo their isn’t much walking around. This is walk a mile shoot one guy. Halo was always walk to feet shoot twelve. Finally to the action part and it looks pretty cool. Nothing I would ever play for my self.

SQUARE ENIX is not up. They are showing final fantasy thirteen. OMG they speak japanese. I don’t understand that Americans that work in Japan should learn Japanese. He should learn English.His translator is a chick though. That’s always an advantage. Now a visual is playing from the game THERES A BLACK DUDE OMG OMG OMG I DIDNT KNOW THEY EXISTED IN GAMES MADE FROM JAPAN. That looks awesome I will be buying this game in 2010.

More stuff I could care less about. Now forzamotorsport 3. I use to love playing racing games on my old play station, but that kind of died for me. I only play Mario Kart now. This game looks better than the real cars as far as graphics. This game comes out in October and well if it has Mitsubishi in it ill also get this and replay my old genre. After I buy a wireless steering wheel of course.

HALO ODST. Of course i will get this game. I mean come on its halo!!!! It looks sweet. The pistol is now kinda cool to use. I like the whole idea of the display thing with the visor. I’m not so sure about the whole you don’t play as mastercheif now, but I’m sure its going to be a great story with huge explosions. Flash backs is a good idea, once you piece them together you get the whole effect or something. Voice acting seems more important than it was in halo three. You cant ignore it. New game mode called fire fight. Don’t know what that is, but it might be like the swarm thing of gears of war two.

Secret project is announced from bungie. A video is starting. It looks like the world is going to blow up. HALO REACH. FALLS 2010. End video…. If you buy odst you get into the multi player beta of this new game. Well now that’s two more games I … three games I have to buy from the halo series. I still haven’t gotten to halo wars just yet.

Alan wake. It looks like a game about some writer that’s on vacation with his wife or girlfriend to get ideas on a book. Girl goes missing and decides to kill everyone for the pages of his book or something. It looks cool. I’m not sure if I would buy this or not. Its probably a really great game just I’m not that into the whole scary kill people thing.

ZUNE VIDEO. That’s what I’ve wanted. Instant streaming now, and increased country support. But does this mean if I buy it on Xbox its on my Zune also…

Facebook on Xbox! Take that emo kids face book is now officially better than MySpace. You can add your facebook Xbox friends to both lists now. View pictures from online in full screen. Show the updates…this means I’m going to have to go out and buy the little keyboard thing. TWITTER. TWITTER IS NOW ON XBOX ALSO. Everyone has no life now.

Metal gear solid is now on Xbox. Metal gear solid rising. This is another punch in the nuts to Sony. Now there’s an eye toy rip off thing. It looks like it did it better than Sony, buy its still that eh game play. Now it has face recognition and everything. It must be some high quality stuff. Voice recognition also. STEVEN SPIELBERG is now talking. Talking about how old people cant use controllers because when we were babies we learned how to use our thumbs, but no one else has. Looks cool when it works right. But already its screwed up like two times. They just made a elephant.

Now they are showing the guys from fable with there virtual friend thing. You talk to this boy named Milo and he tells that you are depressed and have no friends so  you must talk to him on your Xbox. You can draw on a piece of paper hand it to the camera and the dude will take it and be like OMG you drew a fish (penis if your kamanashi) and its orange.

Well that’s it for Microsoft. The top new game just announced that I’m most excited for is probably forza. The best new feature for me will have to be facebook and twitter, and the top service added is Zune instant stream.


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