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E3 Nintendo Press Conference

Ok things start out with some video about every … so it must be able a little for everyone. Looks like there highlighting the add-on’s for the wii and the ds console its self. Maybe things will be better this year than last year.


Now lets show the history of Mario says Nintendo. Maybe well get a new game. NEW super Mario bros wii. I liked the ds one pretty good. Its always good to play old classics like the Mario ones, only this is now gotten a face lift. Its also changed into multiplayer. You can fly with the propeller suit kinda like when you obtained the feather. They’ve even changed the flag at the end. Once the first player lands on it the others must do so with in seconds.


Wii Fit plus. More stuff for people to do. I like wii fit, just I lose interest and don’t do it for a month then go back for a week. If something was there to just make it more idk simple i guess.


WiiSports Resort same as last year really.


DS Games. Not much here. There’s Mario and luigi rpg game. It looks fun. The woman’s murder club. Its suppose to be like a book thing, but it looked more like a bunch of puzzle games put into one like mahjong and bejeweled. Mario vs. donkey Kong dsi ware. I liked this series so ill probably get this. Wario Ware DIY. Get this one also. Wario ware is always good…unless its camera controlled. Upload your dsi pictures to facebook.


Wii Vitality meter. Lets make something for old people. They can now use this little thing on your finger to show your heart rate and other health things like that. They want this to be used to make games that can help relieve stress, cause excitement, or even make you fall asleep.


Now there’s a video playing about Mario. Looks like Mario galaxy, but with yoshi. Yeah it has to be Mario galaxy two. Looks like they put the fun all the way into it.


The conduit. Looks like a halo metroid combined rip off. With fun added in the form of zombie monster aliens. Only on wii. Resident evil dark side chronicles, shoot zombies is always fun. Dead space, you’ve played it on Xbox, now to learn how it happened you must play it on wii. Dead space extraction looks violent and scary. I must also play this.


New game from Nintendo. METROID OTHER M. This looks awesome, now i have a reason to actually go out and play super metroid one, two, and three. Well I have till 2010 to do those three games.


Well that’s it for Nintendo. It actually wasn’t some huge disappointment like I thought it would be.


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