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Sea Story’s Second Promo Posted

20090226aDo you want to see an anime about some girls that live in the ocean then come to the surface and meet this other girl? Then this is the anime for you, otherwise, it doesn’t sound to interesting now does it? Well, after watching the promo, I changed my mind a little, it looks a little better than I expected. Though, I won’t truly decide until I see the first episode. Here is a link to the promo.

So many things to do this summer, and this just makes it harder to get them done. If I like it, then I have more stuff to watch. At least I don’t have a job I guess, that will help since I will be at home most of the time.


One Response

  1. sounds fun the only job ill probably have is mowing grass or helping with the tobacco but at least ill have a little bit of money for when im not doing anything.

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