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Asura Cryin’ Getting Second Season This Fall

asuraThe anim about this guy who has a friend that is a ghost or something is coming back for more.

Announced at the end of the last episode of season one, the second season is scheduled for this fall. So, all you Asura fans can watch more this fall.

Now, if only we could get more Toradora, Kannagi, or Zero no Tsukaima. Maybe one day. Better yet, how about more Kodomo no Jikan.

Just remember though, don’t download all your anime, you need to buy the anime if it’s licensed for the US.



2 Responses

  1. Fuck Toradora, ZnT and Kannagi. Asura Cryin’ and Kodomo no Jikan FTW. Oh, and I download all the anime I watch

    • Well, I already know that about you. You told me that once before. That was meant for a friend of mine who has already been warned by the MPAA once before and whoever is willing to listen since I buy a lot of my anime.

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