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I Survived!

92fc04de711ae7aa786ba0cd5fccc00c1234991476_fullEvery time I go somewhere with Hillary, I fear for my life. Invader56 also does. I have no idea why I agree to go places with her, I just do.

Maybe it’s like a game, and each time I live, I win. Not sure if that is how it is, but it sounds good.

Today, we went bownling. This was the first time in like, 3 years for me. Some how I miraculously got 3 strikes, which felt awesome. But, then of course, it ended with me sucking after that. Even then, it was fun.

Plus, I learned that if you want a cheap big cup thing from McDonald’s, just order the Tea and fill it with whatever you want. Or, at least you can do that at the one we have. They can’t see what you are doing, so they can’t really stop you.

Also, I got InFAMOUS. Hopefully it is better than the demo since i was really disappointed with the demo version.

Well, I am going to do some things. Probably watch Bleach and Asura Cryin. I might even re-watch Gunslinger Girl. So, BYE-NI!


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