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Soul Eater

This Sunday I started watching Soul Eater. Its an anime about this school, Shibusen, in the Death City. The school is ran by the shinigami death… The whole purpose of death creating a school is so its students can defend the city from eggs of demon gods. An egg is anyone who kills regular people just to eat there souls. The students have to eat 99 souls of these bad people and one soul of a witch. Most are in groups of two. One is the master and the other is the weapon.The master and weapons souls wavelengths must match up to work right as a good killing device. If a team can reach the quota of souls the weapon turns into a death scythe.

The three main groups that the show revolves around are:

Maka and soul. Maka is the girl and soul is the dude. Soul is the weapon as you can see he is inside the weapon she holds.

This is Black Star, and his weapon Tsubaki.

This is Death the kid, and his twin pistols Liz and Patti.

This is Crona, and his weapon that kind of lives inside of him….at least i think its a him. I’m not sure how he ties into the story yet I’ve only watched the first ten episodes. Soul tried to kill him but failed in like episode seven. His soul is good his weapon is controlling him which makes him do bad things. I don’t know what’s going to happen yet, but I’m kind of hoping he will be set free. Plus there is a lot of fan art with him and another female character like in love and stuff.

In the end this anime is great. It has kind of a emo feel to it with some pretty cool music to add to the scenes. Its not out in America just yet, but it will be probably before the end of the year. If you want to watch it now your going to have to settle for just subtitles. There is a total of fifty one episodes but each is only like twenty minutes. When you watch it you really only seem like a few minutes have gone by and may end up watching three or four at a time.

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