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Do you have genital problems in your chair???

This is my chair. Its a nice chair I’ve sat in it for over a year now. I do everything in it, type, play games, watch TV and movies….everything ;)

BUT NO I’m told that this chair is bad for me. It should be causing me pain in my lower back (which I do have at times but i mean come on that’s probably going to happen if you sit in a chair for any amount of time over seven hours). I’m told I should buy a chair called Salli.

This is the Salli chair. Its like a normal saddle chair. It doesn’t have a back rest which somehow helps your back…

It also seems to be unlockable. Which means you sit on it and it goes down. You get up it goes up. This also somehow helps your posture and other things. BUT THERE IS A BONUS TO THIS CHAIR. In the middle its wide open. Perfect to let your genitals fall down. All other chairs don’t have this which leads to unwanted genital squishing.

Don’t believe me about the genitals thing? Watch the video…


5 Responses

  1. America. They’ll make some shit and talk about how it’s benefitial for your health/helps lose weight/makes you look sexier/let’s you work and have fun at once/make your dreams come true/lowers your pain/expands your lifespan blah blah blah ORDER NOW!!! And they just scam people. But this is one of the worst I’e ever seen. I kinda miss the times when I was in US, you could always turn on the TV and within 15 mins they will offer you something that will definately be fucking hilarious. /rant

    +1 for invader zim chair

    • Oh, and also this chair kinda helps your health because I have no fucking idea how the hell you can sit on something like that for over 7 hours. ORDER NOW! (and they’ll also throw in a bowl you can put below the gap to shit in!)

      • Im sure theres lots of people in this world that have nothing to do all day but sit. Im sure kamanashi has done this many times before playing final fantasy or mother.

    • It was actually made by the swiss i think. America in general would be to sensitive to have something like that play on there tvs.

      Billy mays is just awesome, its not a true commercial break if you dont hear him yelling at you

      • what about the ShamWow Guy i mean he got beat up by a hooker so they should make him do a commercial about a chair that lets your nuts hang.

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