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Eden Of The East: The King Of Eden Trailer Posted

higashi-no-eden-exhibitionism-india censored

Click image for uncensored.

Eden Of The East, the penis flashing anime of the spring and also the best anime this spring, has had it’s movie’s trailer posted. You can watch it here.

Also, there is probably more penis flashing in the movie, but we will have to wait an see.

From the video, I think it is a direct sequel to the series. But I could be wrong since I still have 2 episodes to watch in the TV series. Either way, Eden of The East deserve more than 11 episodes, so even a re-telling would be awesome. Maybe they are going with the style that Macross F is where the first is a re-telling and the second movie is a direct sequel. I don’t know.

Hopefully someone ends up licensing this because it would be nice to be able to pop in the DVD any time I want and watch it. FUNi did a survey not to long ago hinting that they are looking into it. Maybe soon we will know.


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  1. I clicked image but I thought it was going to be rick roll or something… still lol

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