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My Thoughts On Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

A10168-8Having been a fan of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (When They Cry), when I heard of this, I became extremely excited about it. Finally, after waiting a couple of months to see it, with only Higurashi Rei to hold me over till this came out, I have been able to watch the first episode. Here is what I thought.

So, the story is about a family who gets together on their elders private island. The elder (Grandpa) is pretty close to dying, so many of the adults of the family are of course arguing over who gets what. All the while, there is some stuff brewing, and murders start to happen. And some other stuff happens with a witch too.

That probably didn’t make it sound all that interesting, but who cares?

Visually, it is pretty good, I still find Higurashi to be superior in this department, but it isn’t like I hate Umineko’s visuals. There are vibrant colors, and a lot of elaborate interior designs. My only problem with the first episode was that they didn’t move to many different location this episode to much, leading to the viewer seeing a lot of the same. But, this will probably change once the murders start.

The voice cast does a pretty good job too, and they even have the weird noise that one of the Loli characters in any 07th Expansion made anime/VN make. So, first you had Nippa, the Hauu~ Auu~, and you get Ooo Ooo. I never understood why they do this, it just happen.

The characters themselves are alright, none of them were particularly forgettable, but none were standing out from others just yet. Of course, you have to remember that this was the first episode, so when they main story kicks in, they should truly bloom into what they should be.  But for now, you will have to deal with perverted teen, blond girl with boobs, maid with boobs, loli, and old people.

Also, for people that care about endings and openings, the opening was good, the ending was kinda annoying. The singer for the ending chose this weird way to sing that makes him sound like he is dying almost.

Overall, it is a fun thing to watch, but I’m still hoping for it to show full potential within the next couple of episodes.

Visuals: 8/10

Audio: 8.5/10

Story: Waiting for it too truly start


3 Responses

  1. hmm, so is this connected to Higurashi at all?

  2. awesome. Higurashi is one of my favorite anime, though I found the colors and character design to be a little bland. Still, I always recommend it to people who have never watched it. I’ll have to check this one out. :)

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