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Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! Now On Crunchyroll

view_file.phpThe worst anime this season, and possibly even more terrible than Akikan is on Crunchyroll now. It is under the name Charger Girl, Ju-Den Chan on CR, so if you really want ot watch it, go ahead.

The version the posted is the censored version,  but there wasn’t exactly a whole lot to censor in the normal version.

Overall, the story and the weird thing about people peeing every time they are scared is the main thing that makes this suck. In a world where everyone becomes depressed for no reason, these girls that are invisible to people fly around and zap the shit out of them using power they steal from your house. Some how this makes them not be emo bitches any more. Then one day, Juden meets this guy who can see her, and he beats the shit out of her with a baseball bat. Her dumb ass follows him home and they basically start working together to stop some evil villain.

That about sums up the whole story. And yes, it really is that bad. The show has no redeeming values what so ever in my opinion, and it should be canceled like, right now. Seriously, who lets people even make this stuff?

Maybe it gets better, I don’t know. I might try to get through the second episode to see how it goes, but I have very low expectations.

Crunchyroll page for this shit.


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  1. […] So, I guess you can say I was disappointed in this and while I will watch one more episode next week, I don’t expect much else to make me want to finish it. I haven’t been like this over an anime since Fight Ippatsu Juden-Chan. […]

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