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Lets Be Friends

a80489e9f158e88598a36111db53652f1234988677_fullNot really, I just want your money. Please, I need some sort of income. How about subscribing to crunchyroll through my link? You will get anime and be helping me save m0ney.

Well, I know that won’t work, so I will end my hopes of getting your money.

Today though, I learned that dancing for people at the gas station makes them angry. I was doing pretty good, but they didn’t like it. Well, the gas station employee didn’t like, I think the customers did. I will probably do it again somewhere else, but bring my camera the next time.

Also, I think I found a new favorite game for sure. I know I mentioned BlazBlue before, but now it has cemented itself as an all time favorite of mine. If anyone wants to play me on it, I have the PS3 version. Just add Kamanashi to your friends and I will try to verse you sometime.

Well, I am probably gonna go watch Bleach and Canaan now. If you care about reading about what I do everyday, you can subscribe to my Twitter. the link to it is rather simple. http://twitter.com/kamanashi

Bye all you dirty stalkers. :)

(I know you guys are really stalkers, so no need to be angry.)


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