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Oblivion Island Trailers Streaming

3475915816_940e00f8ddOblivion Island: Haruka and The Magic Mirror, Production I.G.’s New CG film, has had it’s trailers uploaded to the official site.

The story is about a girl named Haruka, who finds out where all our old memory related items and other things goes. Whether it be a small toy, or a necklace, it may end up on Oblivion Island. The reason for them going there is because small creatures from another dimension come to our world in order to take these items and build there world.

Souds like something disney made, but since it isn’t Disney, it won’t have singing every 5 minutes and won’t be overly family friendly. I will probably go see it or rent it when someone brings it to the US.

Oh, and if you want to watch the trailer, go here. The site is in Japanese, so unless you can read it, don’t expect to do much else on it.


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