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nekohealing-71I don’t get it. People seem to confuse everyone, whether it’s online or in person. Multiple times, I have been confuse by someone that I have known for year, and yet I still don’t get why he does it. Then, I have the people I meet online through PSN, Xbox LIVE, and other places. One person told me that he enjoys putting peanut butter in his ass crack and leaving it there. He didn’t tell me why, he just said it in the middle of a Halo 3 match. For the rest of the game, I was hesitant to even talk anymore in the fear hem ay tell me more of his weird fetishes.

Even with all these weird people, I still go and play the same game. Just like the internet. When I saw the above picture, I was just going. WTF in my mind over and over again. Oh well, we will never understand the ways of the world.

As for today, it was rather uneventful indeed. Nothing note worthy. It stormed all morning. I beat a game. Played BlazBlue. That’s about all though, nothing else. Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful since we will be going to see Harry Potter. I might even go and dance in a parking lot again. That was fun.

Well, I think I am gonna try and make my self tired some how now. Probably by laying down and watching TV like I normally do. I will see some of you tomorrow after you read this, as for the others. I wont see you and probably never will even hear your voice.


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