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Sketch Of Kagami Sold for 1.3 Million Yen

20090713-1In fact, it was that very sketch right there. $14,000 when converted to the US Dollar.

The sketch was done by Naru Nanao, who some of you might remember as the guy who did Sola’s, Da Capo’s, and ef -afairy tale of the two-‘s character designs.

The sketch was given away for free originally as part of a monthly drawing for the December 2007 issue of COMPTIQ, so the guy who sold this just made more money than I do in a year just for reading a magazine. Lucky bastard.

Maybe I can sell my autographed photo of of Kalafina for that much. Hell, it’s worth s hot, if he can sell a drawing he won for that much, I can do the same.

For bid history, go here.

Source (Japanese)


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