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Valyria Chronicles 2 Announced

valkyria-chronicles-2One of the best games on the PS3 right now has just had a sequel announced. Though, the sequel is on the PSP and takes place in a school. So, it might not be an actual sequel.

Set for a winter release, you can expect the same type of gameplay, with some added features that have yet to be announced. Possible dating sim probably, but as long as the core gameplay is the same, I will like it.

Why move it to the PSP though? I don’ t know, probably because of low sales. Maybe is everyone goes and buys this, they will see that there are more people who like it and make a PS3 sequel.

Other than the setting, platform, and possible new features, this is essentially the same game. Well, maybe you could say the art style is slightly different. Based on the screens, it doesn’t have that parchment look and has more of a new anime style.

No word yet on a US release, but hopefully soon there will be an announcement.

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