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InuYasha Getting New Season This Fall


I don’t know if I should be excited or dread this announcement. Every single one of the emo kids I know will ruin this for me the moment they find out about it. So, I guess I better make sure I watch it the moment it comes on since none of them will know, I think.

The anime is set for a fall airing and will cover the final chapters or, volumes 36 through 56. Plus, the original Japanese cast will be back. Other than that, there is no other information. So, I have no idea how long the anime will be or if the art style will be the same.

InuYasha is the story of a half demon guy and his friends trying to get the shards of this jewel that give more power to whoever possesses them. Naraku is also after them just because he wants to be an ass hole. That’s the story. There is more stuff in it, but, I don’t want to type out more details. If you care that much, read the manga, or watch all 167 episodes of the original anime.



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  1. I havent seen this show in so damn long but i was looking for images of it to introduce my little niece into it and came across this amazing pic. this is too effin funny!!!! you should definitely do the ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuu face on one of the other characters XD

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