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Kannagi Finally Released In The US!

kannagiFinally, my wishes have come true. Kannagi has finally been announced for US release!

Bandai, I have to thank you for this fantastic announcement. The best part is that starting sometime today, or tomorrow, you can order the first DVD volume from RightStuf or Amazon! AnimeNewsNetwork even has the first episode up and streaming.

Kannagi is the story of a goddess who is reincarnated from a sacred tree when Jin carves it into the shape of a shrine maiden. The shrine maiden was someone he met long ago by that same tree. So, instead of throwing her out, she starts living with him and so it begins.

Now, I will chronicle my journey of how i found this announcement.

kannagi1When this website showed up online, I started to think that we would be getting Kannagi in the US. Though, when Anime Expo came along, and FUNimation didn’t announce it, I started thinking it may be just for no reason. I thought FUNi would have grabbed this as fast as they could since it is so awesome.

kannagi2Then, I found this website through AnimeNewsNetwork. All I could figure was that it was for an announcement. Couldn’t figure out what though since the silhouettes were basically making go, WTF? Here are the links to each one that appeared. Image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5, and image 6.

I didn’t come to the conclusion that this was related to Kannagi until last week when the Fan Club site said that a special message would be here on this day. So I waited. The week was long since I was trying to figure out what this cryptic message could mean. I never expected this though.

Finally, the countdown ends and I get this.

kannagi2I can finally order my Kannagi DVD that I so dearly wanted. Thank you again, Bandai. You are now my Favorite US anime company. Not only do you bring me Haruhi, and Lucky Star, but now I even get Kannagi.

You too can see the amazing thing that is Kannagi here at the Fan Club.


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  1. fucking cool firefox theme

  2. […] This and the  fact that the source for the US Haruhi page has a rather long line of 8s (they are Japanese 8s) leads me to believe somethign is up. Bandai does have some rather odd marketing ideas sometimes, just look at Kannagi. […]

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