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My Thoughts On Umi Monogatari

sea story umi monogatariUmi Monogatari (Sea Story) started about 3 week ago, and so far, it is a fun watch. Though, if you are looking for bouncing boobs, you may want to go for something more like Fight Ippatsu! Juden-chan!! This anime so far is rather family friendly and the closest thing you will get to naked girls is the top image right there.

Story wise, not to good, not too bad. Good for if you want something entertaining while you wait for a new DVD to come in or another episode of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 to come on.

The story I got based on episode 1 is that these too girls, Urin and Marin, live in the sea and find a ring. The ring belongs to Kanon, who is basically an emo kid in the first episode. They bring it bac kto her, she throws it away and Marin goes to look for it again. Finalkly, Urin finds it, but releases an evil spirit at the same time. Thus, the story begins.

Visually, the underwater scenes are pretty cool looking, while the land scenes at the beginning of the episode leave a little to be desired. Though, they seem to fix that near the half way point where you start to see more detail in the scenes. Overall, if you want something colorful, this should do it for you.

Sound quality is dependent on what fansub you get, so, I will just talk about voice acting in this part. Mostly, its decent, not spectacular, but good. Kanon’s VA did the best in my opinion. but the other should do better further in when they feel better about their characters.

So, the series isn’t a must watch, but it’s not an avoid at all cost either. It’s fun, calm, and isn’t really perverted either. The happy feeling of the Marin adds to the overall cheerfulness of the show, and that is one reason why I liked it.

Video – 8/10

Audio – VA 7.5/10 – Quality NA

Overall 8/10


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