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Great Day In Erik Land

kannagi3Kannagi was announced and released at the same time, Otakon is about to start, and I had ice cream.

This summer may not have been the one where i get a job, but, so far, anime has been great. So, hopefully they can keep it up with a license announcement of Toradora at Otakon this year. That would be awesome, especially if it is a quick release like Kannagi was.

Though, Kannagi came with a loss. I now only have a pile of pennies again. But, I can live with it for a day or too. I might even have more within the next couple of weeks too if I can get a job at IGA. That would be awesome, even though it’s unlikely.

Other than that, nothing else has happened.So, I think I will go watch Umi Monogatari episode 2 now. I might even re-watch Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan again since i can finish that in one sitting. Nahh, I wil lsave that for tomorrow or sunday.


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