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Gurren Lagann -Childhood’s End- To Show In San Francisco

gurren_lagann_-_the_movie_-_gurren-hen_limited-01Gurren Lagann fans will soon be able to see the first movie adaptation of the series on September 8th, but, only if you will be in San Francisco at that time.

-Childhood’s End- will be showing at the newly opened Viz Cinema with English Subtitles.

So far, this is the first of 3 to be released in the US. The second was in Japanese theaters in April, so I am expecting a US showing next April or possibly earlier. Either way, you guys are lucky.

Gurren Lagann is the story of 2 guys who dreamed of a different life, one that was on the surface. Well, they get that chance, but learn it isn’t all that great up there. Thus, they set out and meet new people as they try to make the surface a safe place once again.

I know that probably didn’t sound to interesting, but if yo uhaven’t seen Gurren Lagann yet, what are you waiting for? It is amazing.

You can buy all the parts on Amazon here or RightStuf here right now.


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