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Eden Of The East Licensed For US Release


Eden Of The East (Higashi no Eden) was a great anime. I may not have finished it, but that doesn’t matter since it will be coming to the US next year. FUNimation announced at the Otakon panel that they had the rights to the anime and plan on releasing it in 2010. Though, there is a possibility the opening song, Falling Down by Oasis, may not be in it since we tend to have problems getting music from the UK allowed in anime.

I really didn’t understand quite what was going on in Eden of The East, so my story is going to make little to no sense. This guy, who is first seen naked running in the streets with a gun is a secret agent, I think. And he meets this girl who likes him for some reason, I think. He is supposed to save Japan from tearing itself apart form the inside. This is all happening while Japan sometimes gets shot with a missile for seemingly no reason.

That’s what I got from the first couple of episodes. I will probably just wait till FUNi releases them on DVD or hopefully Blu-Ray to finish them.


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