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Japan is known for some really good things. Like anime and the super nintendo. Much more recently for me it has been Earth Bound or “Mother 2” as some of you freaks like to call it, and yes I called you a freak. So far on this blog weve covered a lot of the newer werid stuff like a whore vending machine, and why coke machines sell three different size bottles for the same amount of yen. This is more of the simplier non techno that actually looks from the eightys in japan. Special thanks to APPLE JUICE …i think thats what she wants to be called idk. How should someone name a twitter person??? @apljuc

Click the link for the rest of the post —->81889

This is little Mrs. Ramen Hood. Now …I do enjoy ramen but seriously if you have this problem cant you just use a hair bow or some serious hair spray…(Brent recommends using Aussie instant freeze if you want spray if your a more gel type of person ive used many but the most hardest drying of them ass is some blue stuff called HardUP by ShortSexyMensHair, but i prefer using axe soft and spikey as it keeps my hair soft yet spiky. more recently I’ve gone hair product less and its more just down surfer like i guess?!?)

THAT IS ALMOST LIKE BRENT’S HAIR. only its like the exact opposite. mine is going to the right side and its shorterish. But you get the basic idea.

NOW back to japan.


Ive seen these in the dollar store before only they didn’t have a huge handle on them. Really no one in the entire world used them but yet they sold lots of them. They were always to tight and just who would be so lazy to even be outside and in the rain at the same time that they couldnt hold a regular 89 cent umbrella.


This actually looks like a good idea. Its for those days when you have Forrest Gump rain. You know the rain that is “Little bitty stingin’ rain… and big ol’ fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath.”


Now I do enjoy ramen….but ive never made ramen that is too hot for me to eat that I need a fan. This dude must not have correctly cooked it. First you must (this is american ramen of course) boil two cups of water. No more or less it has to be two cups of water in a small pot. Once the water is a nice boil…NICE GOOD BOIL the kind that is like you stuck your face in a bowl of soup and blow. Thats how the bubbles should be. Then you open the ramen and place the noodles in. Set your timer for three minutes. After the three minutes have gone by take then pot of the stove or camp fire if you live outside and need ramen. Drain all the water out of it. Place ramen in your ramen bowl. Yes you should have a bowl thats only use is ramen. Add the flavor packet and then water untill it has filled the bowl. It should be the perfect temperature and taste. After eating you might have a ramen coma which can only be avoided by eating more ramen or drinking some type of drink like MtDew Game Fuel World of WarCraft Edition. Allience blue and horde red is up to you.


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  1. Erik you know you want this stuff , where can I buy it for you??? I would make a nice christmas present.. I love you

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