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Same As Usual

22111Yeah, still not making money, still not training for anything, and not in school. Basically, I am a NEET. But, I don’t care anymore, I start school in about 3 weeks, so I have no reason to start working. Though, I would be fine living like the picture above all the time if I could.

Today was about the same as it always is. People decide to plan things in like, 10 minutes, then basically not give me a choice as to whether I want to go or not. Then they force me to watch a movie I have already seen multiple times, which isn’t that bad since I watch full series up to 6 times anyways. Either way, they could have considered what would have happened if I didn’t want  to go.

Other than that, I spent my time attempting to play Crysis, but for some reason this computer is being a retard all of a sudden and refuses to play without freezing now. So, I gave up and played Guitar Hero. That Asus laptop would be nice right about now. But, I can wait a couple more months I suppose.

Well, I feel like going to watch Bleach now. I will be back tomorrow with the hopes that I will see an announcement regarding the Starcraft 2 beta, but knowing Blizzard, they will wait till Blizzcon or something.


3 Responses

  1. You don’t count as a NEET because it’s just a break in your education, you’re still a student

    • NEET definition changes from country too country. Japan may be all of those, but, in England it is one or a combination of the 3.

      • so as long as you’re not employed you’re a NEET? Even if you’re, like, in grade school? That doesn’t make NEET sound like a freak or a hermit at all

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