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4Kids Entertainment Up For Sale

4Kids_Censors_by_Ko_Hana_Chan4Kids, the anime company where everything interesting is taken out and replaced with stupids things is now up for sale because they have no money.

You may remember that they made YuGiOh! worse than it already was, and they would do stuff like the above image. While I normally find it sad when an anime or manga company goes down, this is great new to me. 4Kids ruined what made anime so interesting. The fact that it was different and not afraid to go beyond what normal American television find “appropriate”. Though, YuGiOh! couldn’t really be saved anyways, but still, you get my point.

I don’t know the cost, but those who have at least $4 million will probably be able to grab it cheap.



5 Responses

  1. I think 4 kids also ruined shaman king.

    • Yeah, Shaman King would have done better in the US if Viz of FUNimation had it.

      • i hope it respawns because the author is redoing the ending in the manga.

        • They probably will. 20 new chapters is a decent amount of material. They are adding new Inuyasha episodes, so that may inspire the Shaman King creators to do so too.

  2. hehe lol damn i hate 4kids

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