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A Headache Is Raping My Head

6ce619422f684cd81a8b22af23e46cfa1235186462_fullOr at least that’s how it has felt for the last 3 hours now. Started at 9 as a normal one that I get a lot. But around 11PM it started to worsen and now it just hurt looking at the computer screen. Gahh… Why won’t it go away?

The parts before the headache were fine. Spent most of the day in Kinston with Brent, so I didn’t have time to post anything. That, and there just wasn’t anything interesting to me. Most of it was stuff that was either boring stats or just something I could care less about. I need another convention so I can have more good news.

As for now, I basically am waiting for my headache to go away while I watch TV or something.


6 Responses

  1. take some medicine and go take a nap or at least lay down. You probably overexhausted your head muscles. Watching TV or using PC will just make it worse. You need to let those muscles rest. If you watch something, however, don’t go watching all action stuff and playing FPSs. Watch some moe show like K-On or Lucky Star. Jacking off may help may not

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