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Endless Eight Finally Ending When It Was Just Starting Again

haruhi-s2-05-sos-dan-the-fun-is-supposed-to-startWell, the Endless Eight arc is finally coming to a close with the next episode being the last episode. Otaku are rejoicing as KyoAni is finally stopping their horrible onslaught of torture upon their fans who are tired out from seeing almost the same episode each week.

I myself have yet to watch any further into the second season sincei  am waiting for DVD releases, but, I can tell people are saddened by this fiasco. Though, I doubt this will stop people from buying the DVDs like crazy. I know it won’t stop me. I am a fanboy of Haruhi Suzumiya after all. Though, I do have hopes that KyoAni will try to make up for this by releasing a proper 3rd season or an OVA series after the 2nd season finishes.

Endless Eight was basically an 8 episode thing made out of a 30 page story. Since Haruhi is able to control stuff without realizing it, she decides that this one day where she hangs out with everyone is the best day ever and it repeats over 15,000 times. Yeah, it may be fun the first time, but for people that remember doing it multiple times, it would be pretty bad.

Let’s just hope no one else pulls something like this.



2 Responses

  1. eww i hate a guy who calls himself a “fanboy” of some girly anime series. ewww i want to puke, its soooo FAG. i dont mind some shounen anime, but girly anime… like, ‘hey honey look at me i love watching haruhi’s dresses she’s so in fashion, did u notice?oh look at nagato she’s soooo kawaii..im such a fanboy…’ (yucks, burn all fags) Or atleast that’s what I would have said if I weren’t a faggot myself. I love sucking dick so much after all.

    • So, there is something wrong with me watching a show I like? And of course, you put in a fake email address. Oh well, you can call me it all you want. I watch a lot of what you call “girly” anime, so unless you can deal with it, I won’t expect to see you here ever again.

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