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Ponyo Is The Number 1 Selling Anime This Week In Japan

ponyo~0More proof that Miyazaki is made of win was shown today. The sales charts are up for aniem DVD sales in Japan for this week and guess what, Ponyo is Number 1.

Not only is it number 1, but it even beat Gundam. Now that is saying something.

Ponyo opens up in the US tomorrow in about 800 theaters nationwide, so if you have the chance, go see it. I know I will be seeing it this weekend.

Currently, the average review score on Metacritic is 91 with plenty of 100s. Basically, Ponyo is said to be one of the best, if not the best movie in the US right now and possibly all year long. Miyazaki has officially cemented himself as one of the best Directors ever, and Ghibli is one of the best anime studios ever.



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